What is Branding?

More than a logo.

A brand is more than a logo. When a brand really works, it is easily identifiable even without using the logo. A brand is the complete experience associated with the company. It can include typographical elements, web and mobile interfaces, marketing materials, photography styles, colors and any other types of communications that help convey to your audience who your company is. We can help you communicate this consistently through Branding Guidelines.

Branding Guide
Through a comprehensive branding guide, we will give you the tools to ensure brand consistency through all media. This guide includes specifications for sizing, usage, typography, and other visual elements.

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Visual Indentity
Starting with the logo, we create the visual identity that represents your company. We will also create other graphic elements associated with the brand such as color palettes, custom typography, icons and patterns.
Color is an essential element of branding. It plays a large role in conveying the mood and tone of your brand as well as making it recognizable and memorable. We dig into the psychology of every color and come up with a distinct color palette for your brand.

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Your brand’s identity is enhanced through photography. You help your audience visualize you. We will define the imagery specifications usage to maintain that visual consistency.
“The art or process of setting and arranging types”

Typography is another essential element of branding that is not only important when used in the logo, but with it as well. Like color, every Typeface, Font and Type Family needs to complement each other and we will carefully select each one to communicate the right message

Marketing Collateral
We can complete the branding through print and digital marketing collateral. This can be anything from stationery, brochures, mailers and t-shirts to web ads, facebook ads and other online marketing materials.

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