Web Health & Maintenance

We keep your website running at peak performance with our Website Health &
Maintenance Plan.

This service includes monthly diagnosis, maintenance, updating,and resolving
technical issues of what’s negatively ailing your website.

  • Monthly Website Health Report: You’ll receive a monthly report that
    highlights errors that are causing your website to under-perform.
  • Monthly Website Fixes: Our website experts will examine your report and
    performed the fixes that are impacting your site.
  • SEO Benefits: While this plan is not SEO services, about 90% of what is
    performed on this plan is SEO related. This means your website will also
    benefit in SEO! All for a fraction of the price of what an SEO agency charges.

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A brand is more than a logo. When a brand really works, it is easily identifiable even without using the logo. A brand is the complete experience associated with the company. It can include typographical elements, web and mobile interfaces, marketing materials, photography styles, colors and any other types of communications that help convey to your audience who your company is. We can help you communicate this consistently through Branding Guidelines.

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