3 Ways To Get More General Contractor Leads Online

3 Ways To Get More General Contractor Leads Online


Did you know that 97 percent of consumers search online more than any other place for information about local general construction businesses?

According to Google, every single month, individuals search for general contractors online with more than 1.7 million different searches. Potential customers constantly search online while doing basic research on general contractors before requesting quotations or estimates from them. 

As a general contractor, you may already know that qualified leads are the core of your business. Your capacity to generate leads and estimates is the key to your ability to flourish and withstand the fierce competition. You must produce a steady stream of qualified construction leads every day to be able to achieve lasting success.

The strategy of lead generation for contractors is one that is focused on accuracy and tenacity. Finding high-quality leads is a constant struggle that calls for an effective strategy and system. To generate more leads effortlessly and efficiently, you must aim to blend proven sales-conversion strategies with your marketing efforts.

Effective and predictable lead generation for contractors

Before choosing which general contractor to hire, prospective customers prefer to conduct in-depth research and carefully consider all of their possibilities. However, to even qualify as a choice, you must captivate the interest of potential customers and convince them that you’re valuable and reputable. 

For your business to expand, reach a wider audience, and keep your sales pipeline full, you must be able to focus on quality leads and hone your value offer through lead generation. Without quality and consistent lead flow, your business has a high chance of facing imminent closure.

We’ve put together a short rundown of strategies that you may use to generate more construction leads and transform them into long-standing customers. This will assist you in effectively discovering, nurturing, and converting leads and getting the highest returns so that you can maximize your profits while using the least amount of time and resources.

Successful ways to get more General Contractor Leads Online

1.  Effective Search engine optimization (SEO) Strategies

While you want to generate more leads for your contracting business, you should not attract leads that aren’t relevant to your business. Unqualified leads from outside counties and zip codes you don’t serve are a waste of your time. Engaging in your local SEO is an important strategy to ensure that your lead generation activities are only bringing in relevant leads.

This entails personalizing your online profiles and website to clearly state your target demographic. Additionally, a strong and well-executed contractor SEO strategy can boost the website traffic for your construction company by up to 90%.

General contractor SEO puts your company in the sights of prospective new clients. As a result, your general contracting company advances in the Google search engine rankings. 

Here are some quick to-dos:

  • Update your NAP information: Your NAP information consists of Name, Address, and Phone. It is essential to keep this updated on all local directories where you are listed to make sure that you continue to be found by potential local customers.
  • Leverage your Google My Business Account: Your Google My Business listing is a key component of your local SEO strategy and therefore will assist you in promoting your company website on Google Search and Maps.
  • Incentivize Customer Reviews: Customer reviews boost your company’s legitimacy in the eyes of search engines and local customers. Furthermore, responding to customer reviews shows Google that your business is actively striving to address customer concerns. 
  • Use Relevant Keywords: When someone is seeking your services, they will likely search for certain phrases and keywords. Your SEO rank will improve if you create content around the keywords that your audience uses in search.
  • Informative Content: Another strategy to improve your SEO rank is to frequently update informative and relevant content via blogs, articles, white papers, case studies, and eBooks, etc.

2. Google Ads for driving quality leads

The goal of a targeted Google Pay-per-click (PPC) strategy is to produce qualified leads that convert. By driving customers immediately to your web pages via Google advertising, PPC advertising allows you to sidestep the waiting game. Advertisers or businesses pay each time a targeted customer clicks on their ad. Despite the sheer number of sites that provide PPC advertising, Google Ads, formerly known as Google Adwords, is undoubtedly the most well-known.

Businesses can place bids through Google Ads to display, search, or even video ad types. The cost-per-click (CPC) in this instance can vary significantly. You can choose a daily budget for your Google Ads account for contractors, and Google will not go over that amount. However, your website will receive higher traffic as you increase your budget and dial in your strategy!

Additionally, you may specify the search engine results pages (SERPs) where your ad will appear by using keywords that are related to your services when creating your Google Ads. Additionally, location is a crucial targeted factor that general contractors must employ. It will make sure that your advertisement only appears in regions where you actually work or offer services.

3. Create a Conversion-optimized General Contractor Website

Now, you have leads coming from your traffic sources such as SEO and general contractor PPC campaigns, this next step is crucial. The optimization of your website is vital if you want to capture a significant number of leads from your campaigns. It’s regrettably not as easy as placing a “Click Here” button on your home page and waiting for the leads to start coming in. For a savvy online presence, you must build a professional website and optimize the layout and appearance of your website across devices.

Since more than 50% of all internet traffic worldwide comes from mobile devices, mobile optimization will make sure that your website functions as a sales funnel to convert your target audience into leads. Your website’s design, layout, page speed, and other factors must all be taken into consideration to provide a top-notch user experience. Additionally, your website needs to make it simple for users to contact you via live chat, contact forms, estimate forms, blogs, etc.

Your website must feature these two crucial conversion tools to generate more leads:

Calls-to-Action: A call-to-action on your website is any tab or button that encourages a prospect to take a particular action. It’s simple to implement and incredibly simple to generate leads with buttons like “Request a Quote” and “Get a Free Estimate”

Content Offers: These are sections of your website’s content that are hidden behind a wall. Usually, an opt-in form is that wall. For instance, requesting personal information from your visitors to provide them with an offer is a great way to generate leads. This way, your potential customer will receive a valuable offer such as an ebook, etc. and you will acquire their personal information in exchange. 

Are you ready to generate more leads for your business?

Employing a comprehensive lead generation strategy is the best way to generate leads for construction projects. Start by creating a website that is appealing with SEO-worthy content. You may develop a steady flow of new leads for your construction company by putting the aforementioned strategies into action.

Don’t know how to begin and just need a professional to speak to for FREE? Click here to schedule a strategy session with one of our digital experts.

Dental SEO: 5 Strategies to increase your online Ranking for Dental Practices

Dental SEO: 5 Strategies to increase your online Ranking for Dental Practices


What is SEO, and what relevance does it have to a local dental clinic?

A dental practice commonly has little to no time for marketing. Emphasis is typically given to managing daily operations, scheduling, and providing patient care. This makes sense given that providing patients care is the driving force behind a dental practice. However, due to the ever-changing landscape of online marketing, dental clinics cannot afford to disregard dental clinic marketing because doing so will cost them significantly in the long term among the growing competition.

In truth, when people are seeking a dentist in their region, Google is frequently one of the very first resources they turn to. However, a straightforward Google search for “dentist” returns well over 488 million responses. In such a cutthroat environment, how would you improve the odds that a new patient discovers your practice first?

This is where local SEO for dentists comes into play.

SEO, or search engine optimization, simplifies the process for Google’s algorithms to rank a site higher on the Google search engine result pages (SERPs). Using SEO tactics for your dental clinic is crucial if you want to keep a competitive edge in the dentistry sector while also making sure that patients can discover you with ease.

Here are some SEO tactics for your dental clinic to improve its organic traffic and search engine rankings:

Dental SEO Strategies for Your Practice

1. Effective Keyword Research for dental clinic promotion

Although analysis and research are vital aspects of an effective Dental SEO strategy, keywords are the core of SEO. You can locate a service or a product online owing to keywords. It’s important to concentrate on keywords that accurately reflect the services your clinic delivers and to thoughtfully include these popular and traffic search terms into the pages and content of your website.

The most significant step when carrying out keyword research is determining the phrases and words you intend to rank for. For your dental practice to rank better on search engines, you’ll need to select your keywords carefully and also use them across your website strategically. Using keyword research tools and conducting competitor analysis will assist you in identifying pertinent words and phrases that will help rank your website on search engines.

2. Create a Strong Content Strategy

The adage “content is king” remains true when it comes to SEO for dental practices. Regularly posting fresh content will prompt Google to re-index your page more frequently, which will raise your website’s position in search results. Blog entries and/or videos about your domain of expertise could be included in your content strategy.

When writing content for your website, you must produce information that is unique and relevant to the subject or service you are providing. To put it another way, your material should establish your authority on the topic rather than merely taking up space and fulfilling the 2,000-word requirement.

To learn what your patients are looking for and how your competitors are using keywords, you must conduct an in-depth analysis. Making wise choices about the subjects and forms of content that are most likely to draw visitors and eventually turn them into patients will be facilitated with the aid of this data.

3. Hyper-Targeted Link Building for Dentists

You’ll probably want to refer to topics you’ve covered on other web pages when you write content for your website. Internal linking is the process of connecting one page of your website to another. Through this procedure, a network is built that both search engine crawlers and users may use to browse your website. Additionally, it keeps things organized and motivates site visitors to browse through several pages of the website.

On the other hand, obtaining links to your website from other high authority websites can help you improve your Google rank. Press releases, comment boards on posts about the clinic, and adding citations to regional and dental-specific directories are just a handful of the external link-building techniques. These references to authoritative sources and supplementary material demonstrate your familiarity with subject matter experts, which raises the authority of your dental website SEO in search engine results.

4. Set up and Optimize a Google My Business Page

A full “Google My Business” page is conceivably the most significant ranking element for optimal dental SEO Strategy. You can oversee and control your web presence with Google My Business, as well as increase your Google Maps visibility to local patients.

The fact that optimizing and ranking your Google My Business page is oftentimes easier than doing the same for your website is one of the main advantages of employing this tool. The sitemap pages typically rank relatively high when someone searches for specific services on Search engines, such as “dentists near me.”

With this Google My Business page, your dental practice can publish all of your clinic’s information for the search engine’s indexing, including name, location, contact information, professional photographs, summary, and business categorization. It will also dramatically improve your local dental SEO exposure.

5. Have a Strong Social Media Presence

Staying active on social media enhances your reputation in the eyes of patients and caregivers, much like having a solid content strategy. You may assist in boosting your local search rankings and organic search results by using social media sites like Google+, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube, among other widely used social media platforms.

You should keep in mind that your social media profile is optimized, featuring all of the location-specific details about your clinic, the history of your practice, a stunning cover photo or video, and details about the services you specialize in. You must also include a logo, a comprehensive description providing URLs to your website, business hours, an address (authored consistently with the format used on your official site), and contact information in your profile.

Paid social advertisements are yet another wonderful marketing strategy for dental clinics, get more patient leads, and expand your clientele, in addition to optimizing your profiles and sharing valuable content regularly. Paid social media also allows dental clinics the chance to be precise and target the appropriate audience for digital dental clinic promotion.

Time to take steps forward!

Improving your dental SEO may feel like an intimidating or complex process, however, this is what you need to do today to get the ball rolling. The aforementioned SEO strategies will enable your dental clinic to gain greater online exposure and attract more prospective patients to your location. After you’ve taken care of the fundamentals, you can concentrate on enhancing your website’s content to address the problems that potential patients are having and outshine your competitors in search engine results through effective dental search engine optimization.

Don’t know where to begin and need a free SEO audit review for your practice? Click here to get started.



Hyperlinks Media Can Help Your Nonprofit Get a $10,000/Month Grant in Google Advertising!

Hyperlinks Media Can Help Your Nonprofit Get a $10,000/Month Grant in Google Advertising!

Are you a Nonprofit wanting to increase awareness and attract volunteers, but don’t have the budget for advertising?Google Ad Grants

Google offers an array of advertising solutions to many business types, but nothing quite compares to the Google Ad Grants they offer for qualifying Nonprofit Organizations. The Google Ad Grant is an in-kind donation of $10,000/month for Nonprofits to utilize Google Search Ads with the help of an experienced agency, to help increase awareness of their cause and increase donations and volunteers.

Hyperlinks Media offers an exclusive Nonprofit program for qualifying organizations – a risk-free application process with no setup fees. We will handle everything for you!

Google Ad Grant Qualifications: 

In order to qualify for the Google Ad Grant, you must meet the following requirements:

  • You must be a nonprofit with a current 501 (c)(3).
  • Have an easy to use, functioning website that clearly identifies your mission statement
  • Have an experienced agency manage your ads

Hyperlinks Media Handles Your Application:

After consulting with Hyperlinks Media, we will help guide your organization to ensure that you meet the minimum requirements. When both your organization and website meet the basic requirements for the Google Ad Grant, we will provide you with the information needed to register and verify your organization with TechSoup. TechSoup will email a validation token, stating that your organization is eligible. Receiving this token means that you are ready for the next step of the application process.

Once your token has been received, Hyperlinks will create your organization’s Google Nonprofit account and add the verification token to your account. Google will then proceed with it’s verification process of your Nonprofit. During this time, our Google Ad Certified Specialists will create your search ads campaign to submit to Google and complete a pre-qualification survey on your behalf.

*Applications will be processed in ten business days, however, some are accepted in as little as 24 hours.

Hyperlinks Media Notifies You On Approval:

When notified of your approval, Hyperlinks Media will contact you to inform you of the wonderful news. Upon approval, we will make your ads live and you will begin to experience the significant difference that a Google Ad Grant will have on your Nonprofit.

Hyperlinks will be in touch with you periodically to inform you of how your campaigns are progressing.

Hyperlinks Media Will Maintain Your Google Ad Grant:

In order to retain the Google Ad Grant, you must continue to maintain your 501(c)(3) status, as well as a great, functioning site – which Hyperlinks will help you with.

Hyperlinks will work tirelessly to ensure that you maintain your grant by keeping your CTR (click-through-rate) at 5% or above, as well as keeping an ad quality score of at least 2 or higher. We will dedicate our time to creating multiple, quality campaigns that include the minimum of ad groups and sitelink ad extensions required. We are committed to increasing your organization’s traffic and conversions. By utilizing multiple strategies to target different audiences, Hyperlinks guarantees monumental growth for your Nonprofit.

Organizations that are not eligible to receive the google ad grant, but DO qualify for discounted services with Hyperlinks: 

  • Governmental entities and organizations
  • Academic institutions and universities*
  • Schools
  • Hospitals and medical groups
  • Childcare centers
  • Nonprofits that did not qualify for the Google Ad Grant, but meet Hyperlinks Media’s minimum requirements

*Philanthropic extensions of schools are eligible. However, if you are an educational institution looking for a similar approach, Google does have a program specifically for this.   

Call (281) 693-5372 or message Hyperlinks Media today so we can start working towards getting your Nonprofit a game-changing grant!

If Hyperlinks Media helped your Nonprofit get a $10k/month Google Ad Grant, let us know how it has positively impacted you!