You visited one page on the internet one time and all of a sudden, you’re seeing ads for it on every other website you visit.

Sometimes these ads are for the exact product or service you were looking at, and that exact ad is plastered on multiple websites you visit.

These ads are actually a form of digital marketing called “remarketing”. Remarketing is the perfect marketing tool to use if you want to keep your business relevant in the eyes of prospects who engaged with your website but didn’t convert.

This helpful tool allows you to advertise to people who have previously viewed your website through something called the “Google Display Network”.

What is the Google Display Network?

The Google Display Network, in summary, is a system that reaches over 90% of all existing internet users.

The Google Display Network is responsible for displaying your ads on carefully chosen websites based where your prospects frequent most.  The network can reach users while they shop, browse, or read and show them relevant ads across the web or when they search on Google.

Remarketing allows you the advantage of reaching out to customers and clients who visited your website but didn’t purchase anything. The Google Display Network activates remarketing ads after an initial visit to your website. For 30 days after the initial visit, those prospects see your remarketing ads sprinkled across the various websites they visit causing them to be enticed back to your website.

Can Remarketing Really Increase My Leads?

Yes, hands down! Website visitors who are targeted with remarketing are 70% more likely to convert. Even more than that the click-through rate (CTR) of a remarketing ad is 10 times higher than the click-through rate of a display ad.

The term ‘remarketing’ comes from the idea that you have already drawn a customer to your website using marketing, though it didn’t end in a sale. Therefore, you are leading them back by ‘remarketing’, allowing them a second chance to purchase from you while you are afforded a second chance to sell to them.

How Do I Start a Remarketing Campaign?

First, you want to set a budget for your remarketing campaign. This budget will allow you to set certain goals for your campaign. The bigger the budget, the wider the reach your ads will have. This is important to consider when setting a budget so you get the absolute most out of your ads.

Next, you’ll need a digital marketing company to create your ads for you. The marketing agency chooses the demographic to target with your ads according to the interests associated with your market. Typically, with a graphic designer in-house, the marketing agency will be able to design these ads to reflect the product or landing page you wish to advertise for. The graphic designer ensures that the ads are the correct length & width for the different website’s they will be displayed on.

Then you need to decide what landing pages you want to target. In choosing your landing pages, make sure that the CTA’s (Call-to-actions) on each page are bold, easily noticeable, and attractive so those who visit the web page can easily identify where to purchase your products or inquire about your services. A piece of code will be added to each of the selected pages on your website, activating the remarketing campaign. Because each ad will be customized according to the specific page it is assigned to, you are capable of reaching different niches within your target audience.

For example, let’s say you sell shoes online. You offer Nike, Adidas, and Gucci, all of which have their own separate pages on your website. Your target audience is people who are shopping online for shoes. If you have ads specific to each web page, however, you can target those who are looking to buy each brand of shoe you offer, sending them to its corresponding web page on your site.

If a prospect is on a website within the Google Display Network searching for a brand of shoe your website offers, and you displayed an ad for the same shoe he or she is looking for but at 20% off through your website, it would be fairly hard for the prospect to NOT click on your ad.

By customizing your ads to the specific pages you want each ad to highlight, you are able to attract target audiences within your target audience. This, in turn, creates more online sales or conversions for your company.

Remarketing Can Be Even More Beneficial than Marketing

prospects can return to your website wanting even more than they did before

Depending on your specific remarketing campaign, you could benefit even more from remarketing than you would if your prospects had bought from you initially. Giving your prospects some time to look around at other options or think about the purchase more could result in them buying more from you than they would have originally.  Likewise, they will be inclined to visit your site more often to check if you are currently running any specials, and what they might be, which will result in more traffic for your website and boost your SEO ranking.

follow-up with your prospects

Remarketing allows for extra publicity and advertisement for your business. It is similar to following-up with customers after an initial meeting. Your ads continually show up in the Google Display Network of everyone that has been to your website in the last 30 days. This allows you the opportunity to keep your company’s name in front of your potential customers, especially if you replicate your remarketing ads in an email blast campaign advertising the same products or services.

Together, they help you get your name out to people that may not have visited your website in a long time. This will help remind them of your name and entice them to visit your website to scope out any new deals you may have implemented since the last time they visited.

Ready to Increase Your Leads with Remarketing?

A remarketing campaign is a highly recommended way to increase your company’s overall sales and your website’s traffic but can be hard to enact a successful campaign without the insight of a professional. If you are ready to run a remarketing campaign that will skyrocket your leads, contact us to see what our results-driven remarketing pros can bring to your business.