It’s no secret that closing a sale can be difficult for e-commerce websites, and retaining customers who have idled away from the site can be a frustrating experience. By setting up a few automatic emails to be sent to customers who don’t complete a sale, you can capture the potential for a massive increase in sales with minimal effort.

With 7 out of 10 shoppers abandoning their carts with products added, that’s a massive amount of sales potential going untapped. Autoresponders are an effective and easy way to reach out to these potential customers and draw them back to your products, especially when they are branded and optimized to reach the audience that’s viewing your website. However, you will need the email addresses of your customers in order to implement these particular types of autoresponders. While that may disqualify some casual visitors, it still means that you can use this tool for your long-standing customers and those who have purchased from your site before. In addition, you can offer deals such as a coupon when customers provide their email addresses on visiting the site. Be creative with your digital marketing and use your tools together to see even more impressive results!

While setting up these automatic emails requires a little time, after they are established they’ll go out automatically, with no effort on your part. With the massive amount of potential revenue gained, that small amount of setup time is well worth it. That said, taking the time to make sure that your autoresponders will actually be effective is also worth the investment. Be sure to include branding to promote your business and make connections, images to capture the attention, and call-to-actions to entice customers to take the action that you want.

Gather Valuable Marketing Data

Customers could leave your website without a purchase for a host of reasons. Discovering those reasons and overcoming them is the key to gathering important data to improve your marketing efforts in the future and capturing more sales.

If a customer leaves your website without a purchase, some effective email responder options include:

  • Simply reach out to say that you noticed they didn’t complete their checkout. Ask for information on why, which you can use to tailor further responses. Be sure to include a link back to their cart and images of the product.
  • Address the top objections you’re getting as responses, whether it’s how a product works, details on shipping, or something else.
  • Tell a story, maybe including a testimonial. You can also throw in a coupon or discount to entice a purchase.
  • After a purchase is made, the customer can be moved to continuing emails to develop future leads, notifying them of sales and other email topics in an ongoing basis.

With these messages set up to automatically reach out to customers that you’d otherwise be losing, you can start growing your sales without chasing down leads individually. There’s a massive amount of potential sales going untapped from abandoned carts, and autoresponders are an easy and effective way to take advantage of an opportunity to convert those into real sales.