Hyperlinks Media Obtains The Google Ad Grant for Nonprofit The Arc of Katy

Hyperlinks Media Obtains The Google Ad Grant for Nonprofit The Arc of Katy

As part of our newest division, MISSION: MORE!, Hyperlinks Media helps eligible 501(c)(3) nonprofits secure and maintain the Google Ad Grant, an in-kind grant of $10,000/mo for PPC advertising.

Recently, we obtained the Google Ad Grant for an incredibly deserving nonprofit, The Arc of Katy.

The Arc of Katy

The Arc of Katy is a nonprofit organization that provides opportunities for individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities, allowing them to be included and respected as active members of the community.

Through their Adult Day Program and the Summer Day Program, The Arc of Katy has transformed lives and inspired individuals. Participants have become more independent, confident and valued.

Google Ad Grant Initiative for The Arc Of Katy

Upon obtaining the Google Ad Grant for The Arc of Katy, we have seen tremendous growth. We are focused on multiple aspects, including promoting their mission which is “To provide opportunities for individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities that enable each person to be included as a respected and active member of the community throughout their lifetime.”

With the $10,000/mo Google Ad Grant, we are able to continuously run campaigns for their Adult Day Program, increasing registration and promoting their need for day program instructors and coordinators. Our Google Ad campaigns have increased registration, volunteers, donations and awareness of this incredible nonprofit.

We will continue to maintain and implement the Google Ad Grant and work diligently to promote and grow The Arc of Katy.

Hyperlinks Media Nonprofit Division – MISSION: MORE!

Hyperlinks Media is dedicated to giving back to the community and leveraging our creativity to support society in a meaningful way. MISSION: MORE! provides nonprofits with access to an abundance of digital marketing resources at no cost or reduced fees. With this new division, we can help organizations increase awareness, drive donations, and recruit volunteers.

If you would like to learn more about our MISSION: MORE! nonprofit division, please contact us.