Google Rewards Secure Websites With Higher Rankings

Secure Website

Google Rewards Secure WebsitesInternet security is a massive concern in our modern world. From whistleblower cases to celebrity leaks and countless hacking incidents, keeping the information transferred and stored online safe is a serious issue. To ensure that the safety of their users and visitors is completely assured, many websites are now using secure encryption known as HTTPS instead of the standard HTTP. Not only will a web page with  HTTPS encryption increase the security of those visiting the site, but Google is currently giving HTTPS sites higher search rankings and better overall SEO scores in an attempt to bolster security online.

Secure Your Website

Google Webmaster analyst Zineb Ait Bahajji and head of Google Webspam Matt Cutts kept websites informed regarding the increasing priority for this issue, and after a gradual process that peaked last August with Google’s HTTPS Everwhere campaign, using HTTPS has become the norm for reputable websites.

Applying HTTPS to Your Site

Websites that are still floundering without proper security are seeing real penalties, making it crucial for businesses to obtain HTTPS quickly. If programming or coding isn’t your thing, don’t fret; applying HTTPS to your website is as simple as applying for and purchasing an SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) certificate. This certificate ensures that your site gains HTTPS encryption and keeps you and your visitors safe.

When applying HTTPS to your site, is it imperative that it is not only applied to all URLS, but the code as well. In short, use HTTPS for everything. Doing this means that the data that users send and receive from your remotely hosted application cannot be read by outside parties if it is intercepted. Google is serious about encouraging this practice, so missing out on that positive boost for your rankings from such a simple step is a wasted opportunity.

Staying Secured and Ranking Higher all in One

With continuing Google’s HTTPS Everywhere initiative, maintaining a secure website has not only gotten easier, it’s become the ideal way to run your domain. Your customers will feel safer in sending you information, your business data will be completely secure, and Google will reward you for applying HTTPS encryption by placing you higher in their search engine results. As more and more websites cash in on these benefits, those without up-to-date security measures will steadily become more obsolete. Providing an adequate security certificate can benefit your customer experience as well as your SEO rankings.


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