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In the technology era, digital marketing is essential to reaching and engaging consumers. Consumers want to interact with and connect with their favorite brands online, through email marketing, search pages and social media. Without a presence on digital platforms, brands and companies lose potential customers (or clients) and revenue. This is why it’s extremely important […]

Long gone are the days that marketers were unable to narrowly target individual business locations, convention centers, buildings and storefronts, and audiences that weren’t directly interested in their services and products. With geofencing, companies and brands can market to individuals in precise locations and target mobile users. This provides marketers with more reach, focus and […]

With the digital world constantly changing and expanding, companies are focusing on integrating long-tail keywords into their content. Why? The answer is simple, long-tail keywords increase SEO traffic which increases rank. By using this technique, searches are specific and narrow and content becomes more relevant to long-tail keyword searches. The first step to any SEO […]

Are you a Nonprofit wanting to increase awareness and attract volunteers, but don’t have the budget for advertising? Google offers an array of advertising solutions to many business types, but nothing quite compares to the Google Ad Grants they offer for qualifying Nonprofit Organizations. The Google Ad Grant is an in-kind donation of $10,000/month for […]

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