8 Digital Design Blogs You Must Read Now

8 Digital Design Blogs You Must Read Now

As graphic designers and generally visual human beings, we draw our inspiration from everywhere. We find it amid our surroundings, during our morning commute rocking out to Taylor Swift Led Zeppelin, and we find it from the people with whom we interact. However, one of the greatest tools in our design arsenal is the Internet–more specifically, design blogs. These magical spaces offer endless hours of scrolling pleasure as our eyes feast upon the visually delightful images that inspire us to create more; to create better.

Great design permeates a brand image. It seeps into the company culture. It provides a backdrop for a brand story, and when done right, helps launch successful storytelling. But sometimes you get stuck. You’re drained of all your creative energy, and it’s just plain sad. We feel you. You want to do this:

Please don’t assault your poor computer. We’ve decided to let you in on our super secret list of eight of the most inspiring design blogs (in no particular order) to help get your creative juices flowing:

1. InVision Blog

Many of you probably use InVision as a tool; however, InVision’s blog is a total gold mine. Chock-full of thought-provoking designs from large brands and small businesses alike, InVision provides not only inspirational imagery, but also excellent editorial on the design process. They also feature personal essays on design topics, and even tutorials that can help you up your design game.

On InVision’s blog, you’ll find a variety of high-profile case studies that offer real-life solutions to complex problems that most companies face in the workforce, or at the very least, have a similar obstacle. These case studies can also provide valuable tips on what to do or what not to do. We told you… it’s a gold mine.

InVision also provides insight into the design processes of large tech companies through interviews and guest contributions from design leaders around the world.

2. STUDIO by UXPin

Whether you’re looking to brush up on your design technique, learn new disciplines or read tips on how to slay the design game, STUDIO by UXPin has what you need to create the best user experiences. Not only do they offer resources for designers, but they also produce some of the greatest future innovation editorials and research we’ve seen.

They have a plethora of design resources that graphic designers, UX designers and visually-inclined professionals alike will find useful.

And did we mention they offer FREE eBooks?!

3. Nielsen Norman Group

A household name in and of itself, Nielsen Norman Group (NNG) has an impressive collection of articles providing insight into creating better user experiences. Design is purpose driven. Creating successful websites, web and mobile applications requires research and focus on the user. NNG has tips and research to help with this process.

We love the simplistic design of their site, as it’s incredibly user-friendly. They have an awesome search function, and all of their articles fit nicely under a particular topic.

Their editorial is always well-researched, in-depth and intriguing. They’re meaty and easily digestible all at the same time. You could get lost within this blog. Have fun!

4. Focus Lab

Focus Lab is an industry leader in branding. They create content in a way that offers a small peak into what life is like in the office, and we have to say: It’s super rad. They offer excellent editorial on the design process, and they serve as a constant source of inspiration for design.

With great design, exceptional UX elements and well-written content, Focus Lab gets it right on all fronts. They even offer a recap of their previous year, which is entertaining to look at and read.

They take any topic and turn it into an amusing read for their audience. They do a great job of drawing you in with their incredible branding work alone, but it’s refreshing to read a tone that is friendly and conversational. There’s nothing stiff or stuffy about this brand, despite the fact that their work is seemingly flawless.

5. A List Apart

This blog is another one with a wide focus, but the offerings on design, processes, UX and industry trends are valuable to the designer looking to expand on their knowledge of the industry. From design discovery to long-term design, they have editorial on a wide-variety of design topics.

A List Apart offers more than just design editorial pieces; they publish vast information on topics in many different creative fields. They even have blogs well-suited for the CEO.

Design is one aspect of the process, but it cannot stand alone. This blog explores the design process in depth, as well as all the moving parts of a successful agency or company.

6. Vandelay Design

This is a well-designed blog that presents on various topics in the design industry. One moment you could be reading an excellent listicle, and the next you could be searching for tips on how to optimize your WordPress site.

Vandelay Design is an excellent resource for all visual creators, including photographers. On the blog, you’ll find photography portfolio building tips, right next to a curated list of video courses that will help you teach yourself web design and development.

In addition to being a source of inspiration and knowledge for designers, Vandelay Design dabbles into the marketing sphere from a web designer’s perspective, which is incredibly helpful for designers stationed at an agency.

7. Medium

A network of insightful resources, we use Medium to look into specific topics and draw great inspiration from this resource. There are various brands that post on Medium, making it an excellent one-stop shop when you’re looking for a boost in creativity.

Whether need a spur of creativity in the midst of crafting a new web design prototype, or you’re wanting to improve your UX design skills, Medium has the editorial to get your imagination working in overdrive.

A guide to developing bot personalities? Incredible. Tell us more. This is the kind of content regularly pushed out on Medium–enthusiastically intriguing and unique.

8. UX Myths

This idiosyncratic blog is an interesting compilation of the most frequent user experience misconceptions. The posts on this site go into detail about why the myths don’t hold true. The blog explores stimulating topics, such as the fact that minimalism and simplicity are not the same thing in design (or in any other realm, for that matter).

The layout of UX Myths is simplistic and stylized in one of the most interesting we’ve seen, with the blog posts all being a myth. This makes for an entertaining UX–incredibly fitting for a blog about UX.

Not only is the UX spectacular, but the blog posts themselves are thoroughly researched and well-written. It’s easy to find common misconceptions and quickly rebut them with UX Myths.

Now get to work! We know you’re all energized and overflowing with creative inspiration.