4 Essential Elements Of An Effective Web Design For Oil And Gas Companies

4 Essential Elements Of An Effective Web Design For Oil And Gas Companies

Did you know that 94% of the time when someone visits your Oil and Gas company’s website, their initial impression is associated with your website design? Moreover, 75% of visitors determine the reliability of your company’s website based on its overall layout.

These figures emphasize the importance of having an effective oil and gas company web design. The layout of your company’s website should be capable of serving a major purpose i.e informing visitors about your services while simultaneously engaging them.

Your website serves as the initial point of contact for your company; as such, it must be carefully crafted to inspire confidence and serve as a roadmap for visitors to follow. A professional oil and gas company website design is influenced by several elements, including colors, typography, graphics, simplicity, and practicality. When these elements are properly balanced, your oil and gas company’s website can serve as an online asset, sales tool, business engagement “card”, and much more, eventually adding value to your organization.

How Does Web Design Affect The Presence Of Your Oil And Gas Company?

The oil and gas industry is not comparable to other industries such as retail, healthcare, technology, etc. It is an industry that has been built on handshakes and long-standing trust. How do you adapt the significance of relationships—which comes first in the oil and gas industry—to the digital context?

By creating an effective web design for your oil and gas company’s website, you must not just create an engaging website that hooks your target audience and compels them to act immediately, but ensure that your website design is usability-optimized. A professionally optimized website is a critical component of delivering a great user experience. Studies show that websites that are created with the user experience, conversions, and sales in mind thrive by up to 200%.

We’ve put together a list of key elements to keep in mind when designing your oil and gas company website to reflect professionalism, enhance user experience, and convert visitors into customers and clients.

4 Essential Elements Of An Effective Web Design For Your Oil And Gas Company Website

Your website needs to be strategically designed to be able to enhance user experience and increase website traffic. The design of your oil and gas company’s website should be intuitive, making it easy for visitors to navigate the site without getting lost.

Your website design should include a few key elements to deliver the best user experience.

1. Oil & Gas Company User-friendly Website Design

When designing your oil and gas company’s website, your target audience and customers should be at the forefront of your mind. Visitors to your website want important information as quickly as possible. Your website must be simple and have an intuitive layout for it to accomplish this effectively.

Your oil and gas company’s website design should adhere to the concept of simplicity. It is crucial to your website’s readability and usability, which also has an impact on your website’s overall search engine ranking. If users are bouncing off your site without engaging, Google will assume that visitors aren’t liking your website. As a result, your Search engine ranking will suffer.

You must therefore ensure that your website is simple, easy to use and engaging. Keep your website organized and clutter-free by avoiding the use of pointless details or elements. It is important that your website design is user-friendly and at the same time provides relevant information to your visitor and adds value to your oil and gas company’s website.

2. Intuitive and Innovative Website Navigation

Navigation is the key to a modern, professional, and efficient website design. You should ensure that your oil and gas website’s navigation is simple and logical. That way, visitors will be able to browse through your website with ease. Furthermore, you should ensure that your website navigation is consistent across all web pages.

To make it simple for website users to discover the information they’re looking for, your oil and gas company’s website pages should be categorized to guide the user journey. Make sure that the information on your website is neatly sorted in drop-down menus under headers for website users to find the information they are looking for easily. Ideally, your website users should be able to reach their desired page in no more than three clicks.

3. Compelling and Engaging Website Content

An excellent strategy to keep visitors on your website for a long time is to provide them with engaging content. Since the majority of people search for relevant content, 38% of visitors will just leave your website if the content is unappealing. Users will be more engaged if the content you offer brings value to or even enlightens them, builds their trust in you, and establishes you as an expert in the oil and gas field.

Furthermore, your content’s structure and formatting is of utmost importance. Along with using a font that is easy to read and a color that stands in contrast, you should also pay attention to how your content is organized and structured. Reading information that is presented in endless paragraphs is challenging. Instead, incorporate visual elements to break up the text, such as images, videos, bullets, icons, and more. This will make it simple for visitors to learn more about your business and eventually turn them into paying customers or clients.

4. Oil & Gas Company Website Mobile Optimization

Mobile traffic accounted for 58.99% of all website traffic worldwide in the second quarter of 2022.

Today, more people are relying primarily on their phones to access the internet. Any website that is not mobile-responsive will provide a poor user experience (UX), which will reduce traffic, potential income, and credibility.

Your oil and gas company’s website should be mobile optimized i.e. it must be able to adapt to various screen sizes without sacrificing usability and user experience. This will not only enhance audience engagement but will also increase the number of visitors who decide to become your customers.

Ready to design your new oil and gas company website?

The oil and gas industry is currently undergoing a digital transition. Now that you are aware of all the elements of designing an effective oil and gas website, it’s time to get started.

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