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About Physician Hair Restoration Center

Dr. Carlos Puig, with 48 years of experience in the field of hair restoration and hair transplants, approached us to enhance their online presence and increase patient inquiries. PHRC sought a modern and conversion-focused web design, improved search engine visibility, and a comprehensive digital marketing strategy to achieve these goals.

Physicians’ Hair Restoration Center, based in Houston, is a prominent leader in the hair restoration and transplant industry, with over three decades of experience. Their unique blend of clinical expertise and cutting-edge technology sets them apart. Faced with challenges such as limited awareness, low web traffic, and a shortage of quality leads, PHRC turned to Hyperlinks Media to craft a comprehensive digital marketing and web design strategy across all online platforms, driving substantial growth.

Our Challenge

Our primary challenge was to elevate the online presence of Physicians’ Hair Restoration Center (PHRC) and drive higher patient inquiries in a competitive market. We needed to overhaul their existing website to prioritize conversions while simultaneously boosting their search engine visibility. Additionally, we had to ensure that our digital marketing efforts, including Google Ads and content creation, effectively reached the target audience seeking hair restoration services.

Our Web Design Solutions

Web Design Work In Action

Results Achieved

In collaboration with Physicians’ Hair Restoration Center (PHRC),
we achieved remarkable results:


The redesigned website led to a substantial increase in conversions, resulting in more consultations and inquiries.

SEO Success

Over 90 first-page search engine rankings and a significant uptick in organic traffic showcased PHRC's enhanced online presence.

Google Ads & Remarketing

Targeted Google Ads and remarketing efforts connected PHRC with actively searching potential patients, boosting brand recall and conversions.

Informative Blog Content

Our blog posts positioned PHRC as a trusted authority and contributed to improved search engine rankings.

Advertising Impact

Display ads broadened PHRC's reach, increasing brand visibility and attracting potential patients.

Monthly Leads Growth

Monthly leads surged by over 100%, demonstrating the effectiveness of our digital strategies.

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