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About ORE Lighting

ORE Lighting, a top provider of high-quality LED lighting solutions, differentiates itself with expertise in research, design, development, and production. Known for their superior lights, competitive pricing, and comprehensive services including installation and energy-saving solutions, they have garnered trust in markets such as Germany, France, Italy, Saudi Arabia, and Dubai, backed by excellent distribution, a 5-year warranty, and various certifications.

The company sought our services to enhance their web presence in Houston, aiming to expand locally and nationally while strengthening their market position. The goal for the new website was not only to adopt a modern design but also to streamline inventory management and internal processes, and refresh their content to better reflect their brand and business values.


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Our Strategy

Our Challenge

The key challenge for ORE Lighting’s project was to reconstruct their website with a design and functionality that would strongly appeal to their target audience. This task involved developing a dynamic catalog search feature and an agent and representative portal area, complete with a comprehensive product catalog. A critical aspect was ensuring the catalog management system was seamlessly synced with their internal systems. Additionally, we needed to handle the complex task of importing and migrating a large volume of product data over to the new platform. The aim was to make the website not just visually appealing, but also highly functional and user-friendly, catering to the specific needs of ORE Lighting’s diverse clientele.

Our Web Design Solutions

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Increase In Lead Generation Conversions
Increase in Impressions for additional Brand Awareness.
Decrease in Cost Per Conversion.
Overall traffic increase

Web Design Work In Action

Results Achieved

In collaboration with ORE Lighting, we achieved remarkable results:

Catalog Search

Integrated a user-friendly search function, boosting product findability and conversions.

Efficient Catalog Management

Created an easy-to-use admin panel for quick product updates and management.

Spec Sheets Management

Established a streamlined system for easy access and management of product spec sheets.

Agent & Rep

Developed a real-time updated portal, aligning with Fishbowl inventory for accurate product data.

Product Data Migration

Successfully migrated product information from Shopify, ensuring a seamless data transition.

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