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About IronRod Steel & Co

IronRod Steel Co., a steel supplier, caters to contractors, businesses, and DIY homeowners. The company specializes in custom fabricating products like loading ramps, fencing, pipe stakes, forklift extenders, and more, using heavy American-made steel.

The company sought our expertise to enhance their existing online presence and website, with the aim of incorporating e-commerce capabilities. A significant feature of this upgrade was enabling customers to pre-build gates online, which would then be constructed in their warehouse and shipped. This innovative approach simplifies the typically complex process of ordering custom fences or gates, making it accessible for both home and business owners. The project encompassed developing a user-friendly shopping experience, creating SEO-focused content, and implementing strategic user experience design. These enhancements were tailored to position IronRod Steel Co. as a competitive player in both the Houston and national steel manufacturing markets.


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Our Strategy

Our Challenge

The unique challenge for IronRod Steel Co. was to develop a custom e-commerce website that revolutionizes the traditional purchasing process. We aimed to create a platform where customers could easily design their gates or fences online, place orders, and seamlessly convey these specifications to IronRod for fulfillment. This approach was groundbreaking in its simplification and user-friendliness, streamlining a typically complex procedure. Our goal was to transform the customer experience into something straightforward and efficient, setting a new standard in the steel supply industry.

Our Web Design Solutions

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Increase in Impressions for additional Brand Awareness.
Decrease in Cost Per Conversion.
Overall traffic increase

Web Design Work In Action

Results Achieved

In collaboration with IronRod Steel & Co, we achieved remarkable results:

E-Commerce Platform

Successfully launched a custom e-commerce website, enabling customers to design and order gates and fences online effortlessly.

Streamlined Ordering Process

Revolutionized the ordering process, making it more user-friendly and efficient for both home and business owners.

Enhanced Customer Experience

Significantly improved the customer experience with an intuitive online design tool and easy navigation.

Efficient Order Fulfillment

Established a seamless system where customer designs are directly relayed to IronRod for quick and accurate order fulfillment.


Expanded IronRod Steel Co.’s market reach, attracting a broader customer base through the innovative online platform.

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