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About American School of Gas Measurement Technology

The American School of Gas Measurement Technology (ASGMT) stands as the largest institution in the United States dedicated to natural gas measurement, pressure regulation, flow control, and related measurement fields.

Although ASGMT had an existing website, our primary goal in this web design project was to revamp the current ASGMT website from the ground up, while solving major website problems. This includes aligning the website’s design with modern UI trends and ensuring consistency with ASGMT’s branding. The rebuilt WordPress website aims for clarity and intuitive navigation, offering a cohesive and inviting user experience. It serves as a hub for general information about the school, allowing registration for students, exhibitors, speakers, and event attendees, as well as facilitating email collection for marketing initiatives. Additionally, the project encompasses virtual school registration and user profile management.

Our Challenge

Our challenge with the ASGMT project was significant. The existing website presented severe usability issues due to outdated design, potentially harming ASGMT’s online reputation and impacting registration processes, hampering the school’s growth. Transforming it into a user-friendly platform was crucial. The absence of a centralized information hub hindered lead generation, adding further urgency to our task. Additionally, developing virtual school registration and user profile management systems added complexity to our responsibilities.

Our Web Design Solutions

Web Design Work In Action

Results Achieved

In collaboration with American School Of Gas Measurement
Technology, we achieved remarkable results:

Enhanced User Experience and Design

We revitalized the website's design for a modern, user-friendly interface, leaving a lasting positive impression.

Comprehensive Website Rebuild

A ground-up rebuild eliminated code redundancies, excess themes/plugins, and improved overall performance and backend management.

User Dashboard Creation

User dashboards were developed to streamline registrations for various members and committees, simplifying management.


We organized backend data, transforming chaos into an orderly database.


We created multiple dedicated plugins tailored to ASGMT's unique needs, including badge creation, registration reporting and exhibitor management.

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