How to Respond to Bad Reviews

Jun 4, 2019 | SEO Insights

Every business encounters bad reviews at some point in time. While they may seem detrimental initially, you can use these reviews for good by implementing the following response tactics.

Tip #1: Don’t Delete Them 

Typically, reputable review platforms don’t give you the option to delete reviews, yet there are a few review platforms that do. You might think deleting online reviews will help your business maintain a spotless online reputation, but it can actually have the reverse effect.

Statistics show that 30% of consumers assume online reviews are fake if there are no negative reviews present on the platform at all.

Tip #2: Address Needs and Concerns

The best responses to bad reviews all exhibit a crowd control statement, an apology, and a solution to the issue at hand. Bad responses to bad reviews, however, display a more defensive attitude.

No matter what the review is, the best response conveys an apologetic, positive, and forward-thinking attitude.

Tip #3: Take Note of Areas Your Business Can Improve 

A bad review is a great opportunity to show prospects and customers alike how excellent your business’s customer service is.

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