Satake USA Case Study Machinery Manufacturer Improved Their
Digital Marketing In Houston Texas

Satake USA Overview

Satake USA, a global leader in the grain processing industry, specializes in machinery for harvesting, milling, grading, and packing grains. With a rich history dating back to 1896, Satake has been pioneering innovations in grain processing technology. However, their online presence and digital marketing strategies were not fully leveraging their market potential, leading them to partner with Hyperlinks Media. Our goal was to enhance Satake’s digital visibility and performance, particularly focusing on their e-commerce strategies.


Satake USA’s digital marketing, particularly their Google Ads, suffered from a lack of structured campaigns, poor conversion tracking, and non-targeted ad content, necessitating a strategic overhaul for improved online performance and e-commerce efficiency.

Targeted Results

Following our strategic changes, Satake USA have seen remarkable improvements, including a 21% reduction in cost-per-conversion, a 15% increase in conversion rate, and a notable 12% growth in revenue from Google Ads, attributing to the enhanced account structure, precise tracking, optimized keywords, refined ad copy, and website improvements.

Our Approach

Increase in Impressions
Lower cost-per-conversion
Improvement in conversion rate
Increased Conversions

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Elevate your company’s online impact with Hyperlinks Media’s specialized digital marketing solutions in Houston. Satake USA’s transformation showcases our expertise in restructuring digital campaigns, enhancing ad content with precise targeting, and optimizing websites for e-commerce efficiency.

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