Potter Country Store Case Study Ecommerce & Local Store Improved Their
Digital Marketing In Schulenburg, Texas

Potter Country Store Overview

Located in Schulenburg, Texas, Potter Country Store provides fresh in-shell, cracked and shelled pecans directly from their Potter Pecan Orchards. Their friendly atmosphere, exceptional customer service and quality of products made them incredibly popular in their industry. Although well-known throughout their industry, Potter Country Store was lacking in online awareness, local search presence and online orders. In need of improvements, Potter Country Store turned to Hyperlinks Media for a digital marketing strategy that would produce rapid growth in all problem areas


Despite its industry popularity, Potter Country Store needed to increase awareness of its corporate and gift packages, enhance organic traffic, boost online orders, and improve its local search presence.

Targeted Results

Our primary goal was to escalate online sales and in-store visits. We implemented a robust digital marketing strategy focusing on local SEO to drive organic traffic and content marketing with optimized product descriptions based on extensive keyword research. This approach led to significant online sales, website traffic, and search rankings.

Our Approach

Increase in Targeted Clicks
Increase in Impressions
Increase in Purchases
Overall traffic increase

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Neligan Construction had previously tried PPC with no success. Spending without properly tracking conversions, paying too much for clicks – these were just a few issues. However, they knew paid media could be successful to acquire new clients, increase website conversions and improve revenue while maintaining a specific ROAS. So they sought out help to achieve these goals.

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Store To New Highs

Hyperlinks Media excels in propelling businesses to new heights, much like we did with Potter Country Store, by deploying targeted local SEO and digital marketing strategies. Our expertise lies in amplifying online visibility, driving traffic, and enhancing e-commerce outcomes, all customized to your specific business objectives and market trends.

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