Physician Hair Restoration Center Case Study Hair Restoration Clinic Improved Their
Digital Marketing In Houston Texas

Physician Hair Restoration
Center Overview

Physicians Hair Restoration Center (PHRC), situated in the heart of Houston, is a leading and world-renowned hair restoration and transplant clinic. With over three decades of expertise in the Houston hair restoration sector, PHRC combines a skilled approach with the latest technologies, making them a dominant presence in the hair restoration industry. Despite its impressive background, PHRC faced challenges in building awareness, increasing web traffic, and generating high-quality leads in the competitive Houston market. This prompted PHRC to partner with Hyperlinks Media, a Houston-based digital marketing company. Together, they crafted a comprehensive online marketing strategy tailored to Houston’s unique market, aiming to drive substantial growth across all digital channels.

Physicians Hair Restoration Center’s Google Ads account faced issues like disorganized campaigns, ineffective conversion tracking, and inadequate ad content, necessitating a comprehensive overhaul to optimize targeting, tracking, and website conversion strategies.

Targeted Results

In just one quarter, PHRC’s optimized Google Ads strategy led to double the conversions, halved costs per conversion, and dramatically boosted both impressions and conversion rates, significantly enhancing the campaign’s effectiveness and ROI.

Our Approach

Increase In Impressions
Lower cost-per-conversion
Increase in conversion rate
Increased Conversions

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Neligan Construction had previously tried PPC with no success. Spending without properly tracking conversions, paying too much for clicks – these were just a few issues. However, they knew paid media could be successful to acquire new clients, increase website conversions and improve revenue while maintaining a specific ROAS. So they sought out help to achieve these goals.

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Transform your clinic’s online presence with our targeted digital marketing strategies. Facing challenges like a single-campaign approach, poor conversion tracking, and ineffective ad content at PHRC, we revamped the campaign structure, implemented precise conversion tracking, and enriched ad content with relevant keywords and creative assets.

Together, our focused approach includes organized ad groups, targeted messaging, and website optimization for better user engagement. Let us elevate your clinic’s digital marketing to achieve measurable growth and success. Contact us for a strategy tailored to your local market and clinic’s unique needs

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