7 Things To Consider When Optimizing Your Cleaning Service Business Website

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According to a survey by Grand View Research, Inc., the size of the contract cleaning services market is anticipated to reach $468.2 billion by 2027, exhibiting a CAGR of 6.1% from 2020 to 2027. The cleaning industry’s consistent yearly growth demonstrates how fiercely competitive this sector of the economy is. Success in this sector, therefore, depends on business owners having a professional Cleaning service business website.

A professional cleaning service company’s website serves as a virtual storefront that may help you grow your clientele, boost conversions, and earn the trust of your audience.

A visitor’s perception of your cleaning business website can be formed in just 50 milliseconds, which affects whether or not they will stay on your site. To ensure that your visitors employ the cleaning services offered by your business, you need a well-designed website that functions as a lead generation tool.

Things To Consider To Improve Your Cleaning Service Business Website

For a cleaning company to keep expanding, bringing in a steady stream of new clients is crucial. For this, you need a quality cleaning service website that provides relevant details about your business and its services. To get your website to appear in search results, it is important to pay attention to a wide range of factors so that it serves as the ideal place for customers searching for your business.

Below are 7 things you need to consider when trying to improve your cleaning service business website.

1. Cleaning Service SEO optimization

The goal of on-page SEO for cleaning services is to make websites more search engine friendly, and one thing Google’s algorithms truly value is the usage of relevant keywords.

Keywords are the words and phrases that customers are likely to enter into online searches when looking for your offerings or services. They may enter phrases like “commercial cleaning services near me,” etc., in their searches. Your company is more likely to appear on users’ search engine results pages if these words and phrases are used in the content of your website.

Incorporating internal links into your content is another cleaning service SEO strategy to make readers stay on your site longer. Additionally, you should include backlinks in your content, which are links to your pages from other trustworthy websites which also help to improve your Google rankings.

2. Relevant Cleaning Service Blogging

According to HubSpot Blog Research, 2021, 56% of marketers who use blogging claim that it is effective, and 10% claim that it yields the highest return on investment.

Blogging can be a crucial component of improving your cleaning website’s SEO, which can increase traffic to your website exponentially. By regularly posting blogs, you increase the chances that your cleaning website will appear in search results. Additionally, it enables you to give your clients additional value and raise the legitimacy of your company.

3. Ease of Navigation

Users won’t hang around if they find your website difficult to use. They will leave in a flash.

To help users discover the information they need—such as price details, service regions, contact details, etc.—in the least number of clicks possible, you must make sure that your cleaning website is easy to navigate. Having a flashy and complex website is not always a good idea. Instead, you should have an uncluttered, user-friendly website with relevant and informative content that is simple to navigate through for your target audience.

4. Feature Testimonials and Reviews On Your Cleaning Service Website

The best strategy for enhancing the credibility and increasing the web reach of your cleaning company is sharing online reviews.

97% of respondents admit to reading reviews of local establishments, and 93% claim that these reviews influenced their purchase decisions.

When considering whether to believe the services advertised on any cleaning website, customers are constantly on the search for social proof. Including reviews and testimonials from your prior clients on your website is the ideal method to demonstrate your credibility as a service provider. This form of social proof builds trust and persuades prospective customers to employ your business’s cleaning services.

5. Decrease Your Cleaning Service Website Load Time

Website speed is a conversion killer. Having a website with a slow page load speed guarantees that users will exit it almost instantly.

According to research, 40% of users will quit your website if the loading time exceeds three seconds.

Therefore, you need to speed up the website for your cleaning business. Compressing pictures and using page caching are two techniques you may use to achieve this goal. Additionally, you must also make use of tools that will enable you to test the speed of your website pages. This will enable you to assess how quickly your web pages load and offer practical measures you can take to increase the speed even further.

6. Improve the Mobile-Responsiveness of Your Cleaning Service Website

You may be surprised to learn that mobile devices account for 60% of all Google searches. Google has even started penalizing websites for not being mobile-friendly as of 2015.

Today, the majority of internet users visit websites through mobile devices, so your cleaning company website must be mobile-responsive. Your cleaning company website needs to be tested across a range of platforms and web browsers before going live. This is one approach to guarantee that the website for your cleaning services appears the same across all devices.

7. Create a Strong Call-to-Action

CTAs, as the name suggests, encourage users to take action, making them crucial for a cleaning company’s website. By developing a compelling Call-to-Action, you can convey to your visitors the specific action you want them to perform after visiting your cleaning website.

You can include a phone number that users can call and a button that takes them to a page where they can get quotes at the top of your website pages. To ensure that visitors can’t miss it, your cleaning website’s call to action should be positioned front and center in LARGE, BOLD font.

Are you ready to drive quality leads to your cleaning website?

To successfully convert leads online, you need to make a fantastic first impression with your website. By implementing the aforementioned tactics, you can turn your website into a cleaning service business lead-generating tool that will aid in the continuous growth of your cleaning company.

Having trouble optimizing your cleaning business’s website?

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