Aug 12, 2015 | SEO Insights

We’ve all seen ads like this pop up in our email inboxes, coaxing us to provide our information in order to deliver unbelievably great SEO results, usually in a short amount of time. Don’t fall victim to malicious scammers attempting to take your money by offering you services that are too good to be true — they most almost always are!

Pay attention to suspicious domain addresses and subjects

Would a legitimate business be sending you email offers and online marketing plans from a Gmail or hotmail account rather than a more professional domain? These days, all legitimate companies will use a personalized email address to send you their offers. It’s also imperative to pay attention to the subject line of the email, as well as the content of the email itself. Does it seem too good to be true? If it contains offers such as “SEO RANKINGS IN 5 DAYS” then it most definitely isn’t true; building SEO takes time, patience, and effort. No one can give you guaranteed rankings, not even Google. Be wary not to fall victim to scammers who want nothing more than to take your money for doing nothing.

Don’t fall victim to bogus SEO offers

Oftentimes companies will sneak past email spam filters and present what appears to be a Hands in Darklegitimate offer, except that after you give them your business they don’t ask for access to your File Transfer Protocol (FTP) address to help boost your SEO. This should be an immediate red flag, as it is literally impossible for an outside SEO firm to help boost your internet presence without access to your FTP. When it comes to SEO companies, you’ll need to keep your wits about you. Ignoring those emails that seem too good to be true and fact checking those companies that pique your interest will always help you save time, energy, and money from not having to deal with online crooks. Another helpful tip is to check their profile on the Better Business Bureau website to see if they have been accredited, and what their accreditation rank is. Going with the company that ranks the highest can ensure you’re getting the help and service you deserve.

Another huge scam that is sent through email, oftentimes hand in hand with their ‘Guaranteed SEO rankings’ false advertisement, is the lie that they ‘know someone at Google”. This is absolutely untrue; Google has made it abundantly clear that they have no special relationship and give no access to a ‘priority submit’ with any SEO company. In addition, avoid any SEO company that requires that it take ownership of your website’s content. Your content is yours alone and was created to help your company. Be sure to read over any and all contracts that an SEO company gives you to ensure that they do not gain ownership of your content under your nose; this could lead to them holding the content hostage in exchange for more money, or even worse, selling your content to a competitor.

In addition to sending malicious and fake emails about ‘hook-ups’ with Google and their employees, some companies will even call businesses and individuals claiming to be Google employees and ask for personal information. Google would NEVER contact you directly by phone without a request from you beforehand. Never, under any circumstance, give any information to phone scammers claiming to be Google employees.

It’s up to business owners to stop the scamming

It is up to business owners to band together to put an end to ‘Guaranteed SEO fast” spamming ploys, by simply refusing to abide by the scammers’ wishes. By refusing to open suspicious emails and reporting them to your email service provider as abusive spam, businesses can help cut down on malicious scammers looking to take something for nothing. SEO rankings do not happen overnight, and no one can guarantee just how high your SEO ranking can go. These scams would not continue if they were not occasionally successful. By remaining aware and using good methods to choose the right SEO company, you can ensure that you’re giving your money to a legitimate business and will see genuine efforts in return.

Great SEO ranking takes time and patience

It is important to remember that no one, not even Google, can guarantee you SEO rankings. Increasing your SEO ranking takes time and a dedication to understanding the many nuances of the industry. Following the advice provided in the SEO Center can help you stay on top of the SEO game and ahead of the curve when changes do occur and give you insight into modern SEO efforts. Remember, your website is your business, and extreme caution is needed when entrusting the future of your business to an SEO company. Don’t risk losing your money or reputation to a scam.

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