How to Get More Leads With a Landing Page

Oct 23, 2015 | Content Marketing

When attempting to reach out to your customers through online marketing, landing pages are an essential tool. To answer the expectations of your visitors and to drive conversions of all types, landing pages are the key to success.

What is a Landing Page?

A landing page is the destination that you’re directing your targeted visitors toward. For the purposes of marketing, landing pages are the tools for getting your customers to perform an action.

A typical website will feature many options for visitors to check out. The home page of a typical website can include several call to actions, a phone number, multiple services, videos, and many other items grappling for the attention of a visitor.

In contrast, a landing page is created with one single purpose or goal in mind. This makes it crucial to remove any mixed messages or distractions from the page. The best landing pages that will lead to the most conversions will be completely focused on one call to action, although this end goal can vary depending on your business and what you’re trying to accomplish.

Get More Leads with Landing Pages

Since they’re so tailored to one specific task, landing pages are the ideal place to direct visitors when they click on a PPC (pay-per-click) or social media ad.

Landing page goals can include:

  • Subscribe to a blog or newsletter
  • Join an Email List
  • Take advantage of a promotion or deal
  • Sign-up for a Webinar
  • Download an E-book or file
  • RSVP for an event
  • Make a donation

Drive Sales and Conversions with Great Landing Pages

The average website visitor will form an impression of your visit in less than 5 seconds. To keep a visitor from simply bouncing off your website, an effective landing page will effectively grab their attention. It will then communicate the message of its purpose in a clear, precise way. For instance, if you’re trying to gain more subscribers to your email list, you could create a landing page for that express purpose. The page would need to include only information pertaining to the newsletter. Don’t try to tack on other services or goals, and avoid menus that can distract your visitor from what you want them to do. Simply tell the visitor what benefit they will receive from the newsletter and how they can sign up. Convince them to sign-up by countering arguments and focusing the entire page on just that goal.

There are many ways to turn a visitor into a conversion, and a landing page provides the perfect platform to execute these methods. Assuming that your business offers multiple services or has several goals in mind, creating a landing page for each of these goals will yield the best results. According to Hubspot, companies with 40 or more landing pages receive 12 times as many clicks as those with 5 or less. That may sound like a lot, but when you start thinking creatively about how to use landing pages, you’ll see that presenting visitors with a single purpose, rather than 40 potential actions on one page will produce more favorable results.

Gather Crucial Data with Landing Pages

By implementing multiple pages and A/B testing strategies, landing pages can be an extremely effective tool for gathering marketing data from your visitors. Even the slightest adjustment to the phrases and images on a landing page can have a huge impact on the results that it yields. For instance, Moz was able to increase its PRO membership sign-ups by 52% with just one split test performed through its landing pages.

Get the Most from A Landing Page

Currently, 68% of large companies that do any sort of outside marketing apart from SEO use landing pages. Unfortunately, many small and medium businesses fail to reap the benefits of great landing pages. Businesses that are using a landing page are 7 times more likely to generate a lead than those that simply send visitors to their home page.

The get the most benefit from your landing pages, be sure to focus everything on the page toward the goal of the page. If you’re advertising a single service, emphasize strong points about your service, such as a money-back guarantee or 24 hour availability. Tailor your content and call to action specifically toward the service, while avoiding any distracting links that can take visitors elsewhere before they complete the desired action.

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