How Content Marketing Impacts Your Rankings

Jan 29, 2016 | Content Marketing, SEO Insights

To really take hold of the opportunities of SEO, content marketing is absolutely crucial. Whether your website is updated, active, and a useful source of information has a direct impact on your rankings as search engines strive to provide users with exactly what they need. If you can harness the potential of expanding your website with high quality content, you can see incredible results and can even beat out your competition.

Making Your Website the Best Solution

One great way to understand the importance of content marketing is to think of a search engine like a librarian. If you were to approach a librarian and ask for a book on a specific topic, the librarian would step away, do a little research, and try to bring you a book that is the most useful to you. A librarian will consider many things when choosing which books would help you the most, such as whether the contents are up-to-date, how much data is included, whether it contains examples and case studies, the range of related topics that are covered, how many people have successfully used the book before, etc. When comparing books and deciding which ones are the most likely to help you, books that provide varied information, thorough details, and comprehensive information stand a better chance of meeting your needs, and are likely to be presented first.

A librarian might return with a stack of books, recommending a more large, rich volume over a smaller, outdated book. Books that are highly recommended are of course more likely to be used, while ones that aren’t even pulled from the shelf are very unlikely to be read.

Think of your website as one of the books that the librarian could choose as an informational resource. When you beef up your website with great content, from informational blogs to tutorial videos and infographics you’re making your resource a more appealing option for the search engine to present to users. Becoming that trusted, comprehensive tome is key to being recommended to more readers. This makes effective content marketing incredibly important for successful search engine optimization efforts.

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Developing a Strategy for Content Marketing

Expanding your website is critical for reaching more people who want to learn about your industry and the products that you offer. Becoming a leader in your industry’s in-bound marketing is not only a matter of creating more content, but better content.

Adding additional content to your website on a consistent basis obviously requires time and resources. It’s important to ensure that your efforts are providing maximum benefit to your website and truly helping you grow as a trusted informational resource.

Here are some tips for adding content that will really boost your website’s growth:

  • Stay active and post up-to-date information. Search engines like to see that your content will provide updated information, much like giving a library patron the latest edition of a textbook.
  • Include a variety of content. Case studies, videos, before-and-after comparisons, image galleries, blog posts, and infographics are just some of the pieces that you can use to grow your website with different types of content. Providing visitors with different ways to learn and interact with your site makes it a more comprehensive resource. Plus, visitors are more likely to stick around and see what you have to offer.
  • Cover related topics. Discussing many different ideas that are relevant to your services can expand your content to offer a more comprehensive view, and it will also help you appear as a resource for longer search phrases. For instance, if you offer lawn care services, you could discuss tips for growing in different seasons, some great tools that are on the market for lawn care, current weather trends to watch out for, or compare different fertilizers.

Watch Your Rankings Grow

If you are able to develop your website as a trusted resource in the eyes of both search engines and users, your business will see tremendous growth. According to a study from Search Engine Watch, the first ranking results for a Google search receives 33% of clicks, and 91.5% of traffic goes to first page results. Reaching that coveted spot relies heavily on making your website the resource that search engines are looking for, with outstanding content.

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