Simplifying the System: Hyperlinks Media Develops Lead Tracking Portal

Apr 10, 2017 | Around the Office

Here at Hyperlinks Media, we pride ourselves on being innovators. Game-changers. Movers and shakers. So, when our clients came to CEO Charles Mazzini looking for a simpler way to track and view their leads, we sprung into action. We’re on a mission to help our clients see exactly how they reap the benefits of their marketing budgets without the excess data analytics.

We’re disrupting the world of complicated analytics with our new lead tracking portal, LeadEdge. This fresh and simplistic platform allows clients to gain key insights into the value of their digital marketing campaigns, such as SEO and Google AdWords, through viewing captured leads, as opposed to analytic report data that many business owners don’t have the time to decipher.

LeadEdge currently allows for lead tracking through calls, conversions and form completions, but stay tuned, as we’re expanding these offerings to include social media and email marketing leads in the near future.

Friendly User Interface
Using data imported through Google Analytics, LeadEdge is inherently simplistic, with a dashboard that first spotlights phone and form completion leads. The amount of leads acquired are displayed in brightly colored numerals, with a percentage shown below. The monetary lead value is also displayed on the dashboard, giving our clients a fully-transparent view of their marketing campaign.


Small Details, Big Picture
The phone leads are further qualified through a call log, which analyzes call length and further categorizes the leads as quality, good or possible using call length data. The form completion leads are also displayed within the dashboard, with the data from each form readily and easily accessible to the client.

Quick Traffic Stats
In a modern format that is true to our forward-thinking brand, two brightly-colored pie graphs serve to simplify site traffic statistics. In the first graph, traffic is qualified by type and in the second, by the device used to access the site–desktop, mobile or tablet. The site traffic is further reported by device type with average session times and bounce rates.

The AdWords summary page within the LeadEdge portal gives clients an at-a-glance view of the payoff for their AdWords investment. It displays clicks and conversions numerically, as well as the traffic and conversions in graph format.

This portal is well-aligned with the future of our company as we enhance our digital marketing offerings to best serve the needs of our rapidly growing client base.

Are you tired of analyzing complicated reports? Our wonderful clients have access to our new LeadEdge portal and will never have to stare at data analytics again. Contact Hyperlinks Media today and let’s see how we can help your business succeed in the digital future.

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